43rd Ward Automobile Traffic Map

  I analyzed  the change in automobile traffic in the 43rd ward for Alderman Michele Smith for the Metropolitan Planning Council.

Density in Chicago: Units per Acre



University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
Master of Urban Planning & Policy (MUPP)


Current: Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, Director of Community Development

Gary Rising: Sustainable Economic Development Plan for Midtown

This is a sustainable economic development plan for the Midtown neighborhood in Gary, Indiana.

Logan Square Housing Plan

This plan lays out a sustainable housing plan for the Logan Square community area in Chicago.

Master’s Project: From a Street to a Place

The project makes a case for transforming Lincoln Avenue from Wilson to Lawrence into a “shared street”, a variation on the term “woonerf”. There is also a case for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) made near the Western Brown Line station.

Potential Shared Streets in Chicago

The goal of this GIS project was to analyze what streets in Chicago would be best to have the potential to be transformed into shared streets.

Ravenswood Development Framework Plan

The Ravenswood Framework Plan was completed in April 2019 for the Ravenswood Neighbors Association. As the Chair of the Planning and Development Committee, I led a team to create this plan that will hopefully inform development in the neighborhood for the future.

The Cost of Segregation

This project was developed as a preliminary part of the “Cost of Segregation” study that the Metropolitan Planning Council is undertaking. Most of the document focuses on schools in Chicago and the relationship between community area demographics, school performance, and different school types.

The Relationship Between Transit and Density 1940-2013

This project shows the change in public rail transportation, the development of highways, and density in the Chicago region between 1940 and 2013.

Transect Planning: Analyzing the Intersection of Ashland and Madison

This project analyzes the built environment and characteristics of a half mile radius from the Ashland Ave & Madison St intersection as part of a larger transect.

White Flint Sustainable Master Plan

With AJ Cesena, Bethany Salmon, and Paul Needham. This project highlights the adaptive re-use of the White Flint Mall in the Washington DC Metropolitan region. WhiteFlint